From July 1, 2019, you can purchase electricity in Ukraine at electronic auctions held by СE "Ukrainian Energy Exchange". The new rules for the sale of electricity apply to producers and suppliers and are regulated by the Law "On the electricity market".

The procedure of purchase of electricity on the exchange - new rules are explained by CE UEEX experts.

The purchase of electricity under bilateral contracts can be made on the online platform of the CE"Ukrainian Energy Exchange", which is currently the only one in Ukraine for such transactions. Prior to the introduction of the new conditions the electricity market in Ukraine operated as follows:

  • producers (nuclear, hydro and thermal power plants, as well as power plants running on alternative energy sources) sold electricity in bulk to the SE “Energorynok”;
  • in its turn, the SE “Energorynok” resold the received resource to energy supply companies;
  • energy supply companies ensured the sale of electricity to the final consumers.

In this case it was possible to purchase electricity at centrally set tariffs. However after the reform, prices began to be formed on free, competitive terms. Yes, according to Article No. 58 of the Law "On the electricity market", consumers have the opportunity to purchase electricity in one of 4 ways:

  • by signing bilateral contracts directly with producers or suppliers who have already purchased electricity, and not only with regional energy suppliers;
  • on the Day-ahead market, which can be deciphered as "buy today at a free price for tomorrow";
  • on the Intraday market - you can buy electricity a few hours before its consumption;
  • in the balancing market - electricity is bought and sold to settle imbalances.

To purchase electricity on the electronic platform CE «Ukrainian Energy Exchange»

In Ukraine a large number of consumers have an opportunity to purchase electricity on the exchange, using the electronic platform of the CE "Ukrainian Energy Exchange". Anyone is allowed to bid - you only need to go through a simple registration procedure.

Electricity trading is conducted using special software "Exchange electronic trading system", Electric Power version. The electronic format of such auctions makes the sale of electricity really transparent, ensures their openness and is a guarantee of fair competition between all participants. By contacting the CE "Ukrainian Energy Exchange", you receive qualified support from the best specialists.Video instructions are available on the official YouTube channel of the exchange, thanks to which participants quickly master the procedure of conducting auctions for the sale of electricity.

Do you want to win an auction and purchase electricity at an attractive price?Call the number - (044) 35-35-735. Receive up-to-date information on new auctions by e-mail. Also sign up to the official CE UEEX Facebook page and a convenient Telegram bot.