The price for an energy unit of electricity is determined by market demand.The determination of the selling price is carried out by the seller, taking into account the observance of market pricing principles and in conjunction with the components of economic feasibility.Market participants got the opportunity to buy and sell electricity, subject to the conclusion of all the necessary contracts provided for by the Market Rules.By purchasing electricity supply schedules on the exchange, a participant can get the most favorable price for him due to high liquidity and a wide range of participants.It is generally accepted practice according to which the market for "long" bilateral contracts is the cheapest and benchmark for all other markets.

Price indicators on the wholesale electricity market are formed on the basis of the weighted average prices of the UEEX LLC in relation to the delivery period, type of schedule, trading area and direction of the auctions.

Our task is to establish transparent price indicators that are formed by competitive market methods.Electronic auctions enable all participants on the electricity market to access information simultaneously and help reduce manipulation in the energy sector.

Directions for holding auctions on the UEEX


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Results of auctions for the sale of electricity

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Auction number Auction type Position type Trade zone Period of release Sales schedule Number of lots Sold volume, MWh Weighted average price/coefficient, UAH/MWh. Minimum price/coefficient, UAH/MWh. Maximum price/coefficient, UAH/MWh.
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