In July 2019, certain provisions of the Law of Ukraine "On the Electricity Market" came into force, according to which a new model of electricity sales came into force. Unlike centralized tariff setting, open exchange auctions guarantee completely transparent pricing of electricity. In the end everyone wins - consumers, suppliers and direct producers, who are free to sell electricity on the UEEX exchange.

How to sell electricity in Ukraine on CE «Ukrainan Enegry Exchange»?

Previously the purchase and sale of electricity was carried out as follows: the producers sold the electricity exclusively to a wholesale buyer - the state enterprise "Energorynok". SE "Energorynok" in its turn should have sold electricity to intermediaries - energy supply companies. Finally the task of the last ones was to sell it to final consumers.

Adoption of the Law "On the Electricity Market" put an end to such a scheme of energy sales, preferring fair competition and fair formation of market prices. In total there are four different markets in the wholesale segment:

  • the market of bilateral contracts - it is in this sector that the Ukrainian Energy Exchange operates. The contract for the sale of electricity is concluded directly with producers or suppliers who have already purchased electricity;
  • day-ahead market - here electricity is sold the next day following the current trading day;
  • on the intraday market to sale electricity is possible immediately before consumption (within one day);
  • balancing market – allows you to balance in real time the amount of electricity supplied and received from the grid.

Now in Ukraine, interested parties can sell or buy electricity on the website - the only one online platform, which as a result of the competition received the right to conduct electronic auctions under bilateral contracts. During the auction on CE UEEX all trading operations are carried out using the specialized software product BETS (Exchange Electronic Trading System), Electric Power version.

To sell electricity on the UEEX – website

By registering on the online resource, numerous manufacturers (thermal, hydro, nuclear power plants), as well as other market participants get the opportunity to sell electricity profitably on the commodity exchange "UEEX". To do this market participants have the opportunity to participate in commercial sections, where the initiators of the auction can offer positions for both purchase and sale of electricity and auctions are held to both increase and decrease the price.

All participants must pre-enter into an agreement with the CE "Ukrainian Energy Exchange", pass accreditation on the site and master the work with PP BETS in the version of Electric Power. You can learn more about the features of auctions for the sale of electricity at (044) 35-35-735. Sign up to the regular e-mail and convenient Telegram-bot of CE UEEX - get timely information about new auctions!