Ukrainian Energy Exchange became one of the participants of the 3rd Ukrainian Biofuel Forum. The International Forum was held on April 20-21 in Kiev, the venue was the International Exhibition Centre.

The event was organized by consulting company "Fuel alternatives".

Among the speakers were a lot of participants such as: Ivan Varga (National Environmental Investment Agency), Alexander Posmitny (Department of Environmental Safety, Ministry of Environment), Alex Orzhel (NERC), Arthur Vellinger (President of the European Biogas Association), Magdalena Rogulsky (Association of biomass, Poland), Martin Ber (German Energy Wood and Pellet Association DEPV), Vitaly Davy (President APEU), Geletukha Georgiy (Director of "Scientific Engineering Centre "Biomass"), Peter Lopatyev (Executive Director of the Association "Ukrcement"), and others.

The representative of UEEX Kucherov Nikolay spoke at a forum with presentation concerning "The wholesale market of exchange Ukrainian biomass - the problems of formation and development", in which he outlined a common vision of the exchange on the market of solid biofuels. Also were discussed the basic scheme of the optimal trade of pellets and briquettes on the stock exchange and t mechanism of the exchange trading.

3rd Ukrainian Biofuel Forum has become for today the main information and communications business ground to bio-fuel market in Ukraine.