Today, on April 8, another auction for the sale of electrical power from Energoatom-Trading took place at the electronic platform of Ukrainian Energy Exchange. The Company put up for sale 216 th. mWh of base load. Supply period of electrical power is defined from April 13 to 30, 2020.

Based on the auction results, 121,824 MWh of base load was realized. The average weighted price decreased by 19% from the starting one and amounted UAH 1 210.23/MWh. The total cost of realized electrical power is almost 147.5 million UAH.

Conducting auctions from Energoatom-Trading, which is already becoming a regular practice, causes increased interest among market participants - 20 companies have applied for the auction, and 6 companies have become winners.

"We comprehensively contribute to the growth of electrical power trade volumes and step by step we are moving towards balanced indicators both in prices and sales volumes. This is the key to a free and competitive market, respectively, has a positive impact to the economy of Ukraine. We invite everyone to participate in the trading process at UEEX and assess the benefits of electrical power sale auctions", - summed up Ukrainian Energy Exchange CEO Oleksandr Kovalenko.