CE Ukrainian Energy Exchange starts sales in the direction of "Fertilizers". The launch of the new direction is connected with the access to electronic trading of PJSC "Agrarnyi Fond". At present, both agricultural holdings and small agricultural enterprises are interested in purchasing fertilizers.

The main advantages of buying fertilizers on the exchange through electronic trades are transparent pricing, which eliminates human error and wide access of the participants to trading.

"Fertilizers trading on the exchange will constantly support market prices, stimulate competition, and thus contribute to the sustainable development of agricultural enterprises and the agricultural sector as a whole," - CE Ukrainian Energy Exchange CEO Oleksandr Kovalenko says.

To participate in the auction you need to submit an application on the website and be accredited. You can review the requirements and be accredited at link

The first auction in "Fertilizers" direction from PJSC "Agrarnyi Fond" is planned for 07.02.2020. Ammonium nitrate and Urea (carbamide), mark B with total amount of more than 22 thousand tons are offered for sale.

The Ukrainian Energy Exchange is interested in long-term and fruitful cooperation with our Customers. Our specialists are always ready to help and accompany new bidders.