Wood auction on CE Ukrainian Energy Exchange trading platform

According to the resolution adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers in December 2019 "On the implementation of the pilot project on electronic auctions for the sale of untreated timber", each large auction of the wood in Ukraine will be conducted through the electronic system Prozorro.Sale. This step was initiated by the Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection. Its main reason was the lack of transparent and reliable mechanisms for selling round timber, as a result of which a significant part of the market is in the shadows.

Open sale of round timber at Prozorro.Sale auction

In practice, the project was launched on February 1, 2020 and in six weeks it showed amazing results. Forestry companies, which joined the sale of wood at the auction ProZorro.Sale, which can be participated in the online platform of CE "Ukrainian Energy Exchange", have already received 35 900 000 million UAH profit. Five logging companies that have received a high income at a transparent auction of wood in Ukraine, looks as follows:

  1. «Kamyanskii lishosp» - 5,1 mln. UAH;
  2. «Malynskii» - 4,1 mln. UAH;
  3. «Manevytskii» - 3 mln. UAH;
  4. «Korostenske forest hunting company» - 2,2 mln. UAH;
  5. «Narodnytskii specialized forestry» - 1,8 mln. UAH.

In total, 4000 wood auctions were announced during this time, where 33 500 cubic meters of untreated timber were sold. The obtained data is a direct confirmation of the effectiveness of public auctions, which can be simply taken part at the site sale.ueex.com.ua. According to the government decree, in Ukraine, wood auctions at the Prozorro. Sale should be put up by large wood users, whose income in 2018 exceeded 10 million UAH. Such companies are obliged to sell at least 1 / 4 part of the monthly planned volume of logging, which is formed in lots depending on the type and class of quality.

In general, the idea of selling the round timber at ProZorro.Sale was positively evaluated by experts of the European Business Association. In their opinion, this way of selling untreated timber is optimal, as it allows to control the process itself and simplifies accounting of the volume of sold raw materials. In addition, each wood auction at ProZorro.Sale provides domestic woodworking companies with the necessary materials, meanwhile they receive an ability to provide fair competition for the opportunity to obtain these resources.

Take part in the auctions of wood sale on the electronic platform sale.ueex.com.ua

CE "Ukrainian Energy Exchange" successfully cooperates with the system ProZorro.Sale from the very beginning. Our platform confidently holds leading positions in many areas where electronic auctions are held. Taking part in the auctions of timber sale on our platform, you can be sure:

  • every wood auction is completely open and the sale procedure is competitive;
  • access to information about the result and the winner of the auction will be made freely available;
  • the best experts will help you at all stages of the wood auction.

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