The short-term market on the UEEX consists of the Within-day market and the Day-ahead market. The trading platform provides trade in short-term standardized products seven days a week.

Soon gas market participants will be able to trade with customs-cleared natural gas stored in Ukrainian UGS, as well as with uncleared gas stored in UGS in the «customs warehouse» and «customs warehouse + Short haul» mode.

It is should be noting the constant increase in the number of participants, who have already appreciated the advantages of using the UEEX trading platform in the short-term market. These trading instruments significantly speed up the process of balancing a portfolio, since the conclusion of transactions occurs automatically in real time, and make it possible to trade natural gas within the current day or the next day.

More than 6 million cubic meters of natural gas have already been sold in the short-term market, and about 40 companies carry out trade in this direction.

For more detailed understanding of principles of the short-term market, we suggest watching the video.

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