At the trades on June 21, two companies purchased natural gas resource of July. Ukravtogaz purchased 3.46 mln cu.m. of fuel at an average price of 5 470 UAH per thousand cu.m., including VAT.

These are the second successful trades of the company, which was accredited at the Ukrainian Energy Exchange in March 2019. During the trading session on competitive terms the starting price of 5 700 UAH per thousand cubic meters was reduced by 230 UAH. The final weighted average purchase price of SE "Ukravtogaz" was 5 470 per thousand cubic meters, which is 30 UAH lower than the purchase price of another participant - SE "Ukrspirt". Thus, the two companies formed the price of July 5 481.16 UAH per thousand cubic meters as of June 21, 2019.

"We are proud that the company as one of the most strategically important industries in Ukraine has chosen the Ukrainian Energy Exchange to purchase natural gas. The results of the last trading session proved that the price of fuel on the exchange platform is regulated exclusively by market methods in order to avoid any manipulations and on the basis of pan-European lowering trends", - said CEO of the Ukrainian Energy Exchange Oleksandr Kovalenko.

We would like to remind that state-owned company Ukravtogaz is a subsidiary of Naftogaz of Ukraine and became a part of the Oil division of the parent company in early 2019. Its main activity is the operation of 90 automobile gas-filling compressor stations in Ukraine with a total capacity of 687.5 million cubic meters.