In response to numerous requests from market participants, a new option has been implemented on the website of the Ukrainian Energy Exchange (UEEX) to recalculate the price of natural gas at European hubs to the border with Ukraine - an indicator of VAT accounting in the formula has been added.

The formula was developed by UEEX specialists to inform about the approximate prices of imported natural gas from Europe to Ukraine. The following initial information is used for the formula: the price of the hub, the cost of transportation through the main gas pipelines in Europe, the coefficient of conversion of megawatts into cubic meters, the cost of entry into the GTS of Ukraine and the difference in exchange rates. Further, the user can choose to take into account VAT in the formula or not by ticking the appropriate box above the graphical chart.

It is expected that this innovation will be more convenient for traders in the process of planning their activities.

Natural gas has been traded at the UEEX since 2017. During this time, about 600 million cubic meters of natural gas were sold at exchange trading. Both domestic production companies and traders take part in exchange trading.