Chat-bots are a trendy technology today, which provides an opportunity to find swift solutions for many situations. Therefore, Ukrainian Energy Exchange launches its own bot in one of the most popular messengers – Telegram.

The multifunctional energy bot, developed by qualified Ukrainian Energy Exchange employees, enables to be aware of the latest news and changes of Ukraine energy market and creates a convenient communication channel for both Customers and Partners of the Exchange. In order to use energy bot, it is necessary to install Telegram application to your smartphone and search for ueex_bot or follow the link

What opportunities are available through energy bot?

  • Follow exchange quotations on the main directions of work of Ukrainian Energy Exchange: electric energy, natural gas, liquefied gas, oil products, coal products.
  • Order a consultation on any matter or apply for training.
  • Watch the news and subscribe to Telegram channels in areas of interest to you.
  • Apply for accreditation.
  • View the bidding calendar.
  • Subscribe to the newsletters and follow the auctions that are taking place on the Prozorro.Sales.

"Bot development lasted over two months. We managed to combine information from different areas of the Exchange (these are both energy markets and the direction of Prozorro.Sales) in one place, and create a convenient channel for Customers to communicate with the professional specialists of the exchange", - CEO of CE Ukrainian Energy Exchange Oleksandr Kovalenko mentioned.

Ukrainian Energy Exchange is constantly working to improve the quality of customer service. Over time, new elements and functions will be added to the bot to make its using experience as convenient and understandable as possible.