Europex officially approved the membership of the Ukrainian Energy Exchange (UEEX) CE, all the voting countries voted for the corresponding decision. From now on, the Ukrainian Energy Exchange is an officially accepted member of the Associations of European Energy Exchanges (Association of European Energy Exchanges, Europex). For more than six months, UEEX has been an associate member of Europex and has been participating in joint work with international partners. The decision on admission to the association was made on October 18, 2019, now all members of the association have officially confirmed this.

Europex is a professional association uniting European energy exchanges, and today has 29 members. The Association represents the interests of wholesale exchange markets for electricity, gas and greenhouse gas quotas trading, focuses on the development of a European regulatory framework for wholesale energy trade and organizes a discussion platform at the European level.

The accession of CE "Ukrainian Energy Exchange" in Europex provides an impetus for a new stage of development. Participation in the association provides an opportunity to exchange experience in the energy markets of Europe, to contribute to the adaptation of the regulatory framework in accordance with European standards and the introduction of new solutions, focusing on the best European practices.

“Thanks to the establishment of international relations, we can strengthen cooperation with international energy exchanges. UEEX has achieved significant results in establishing an internal organized market, we are introducing European rules and standards, so it is important for us to be an active participant in a professional association. This is another step towards the recognition of UEEX in international markets. ", - said the Chairman of the Exchange Committee of CE "Ukrainian Energy Exchange" Oleksii Dubovskyi.