Ukrainian Energy Exchange was established on March 15, 2010. During these ten years, UEEX has become a trading platform that brings together the main companies in the energy industry and concentrates a significant share of trade in different types of energy resources. Today, more than 1000 companies are participants of the exchange, and the total cost of energy resources, which realized at the exchange trades / auctions is more than 100 billion UAH.

For all this time a highly professional team has been formed at the exchange, gained experience and achievements, the last of which is worth noting:

  • UEEX is recognized as an organizer of auctions for sale of electricity under bilateral contracts in the new market model;
  • Many companies from Naftogaz Group, the largest oil and gas company in Ukraine, are represented at the auctions;
  • UEEX ranks first among all ProZorro.Sale sites by sales volumes;
  • In October 2019 UEEX was accepted as a member of EUROPEX;
  • The Ministry of Economic Development recommended using UEEX quotations as a price benchmark for natural gas and oil products.

Today we are confident in the future and try to maintain high standards of service."The first thing Ukraine needs to create competitive markets is a liquid exchange. UEEX specialists constantly monitor the processes of reforming energy markets in Ukraine and join them, acting as generators of ideas and drivers of reforms.For example, as part of the gas market reform, UEEX has developed and implemented a model of short-term natural gas market operation. UEEX demonstrates the dynamics of rapid growth, gaining recognition of the market and the support of its participants. I am grateful to the participating companies for their cooperation and the team for their significant contribution to the existing results," commented Oleksii Dubovskyi, Chairman of the Exchange Committee.