Street Music Day is a large international music volunteer project that will take place this year in Ukraine for the fifth time and for the second time in the spiritual and gas-producing capital of our country, city of Poltava.

Street Music Day is a fun and kind international holiday, initiated by the legendary Lithuanian musician Andrius Mamontovas in 2007.

The idea is simple - hundreds of performers of the most diverse musical styles come out to the center of their city every year on the third Saturday of May to play and sing their own music: simple and complex, new and old, rock and folk, hip-hop and jazz, whatever!

At the same time, Street Music Day is a non-profit project that is organized by not-indifferent people and organizations all over Ukraine who love music, cheerful mood and their city. This year, CE Ukrainian Energy Exchange jointly with colleagues from the JV Poltava Petroleum Company supported the project.

"It’s nice that we have people who make such a holiday for their city, despite the fact that they do it on pure enthusiasm, not for money, it would be a sin not to join and help the project." It’s very nice that our colleagues from Poltava Petroleum Company instantly and with pleasure supported our proposal to support the Street Music Day in Poltava," - commented the CEO of CE Ukrainian Energy Exchange Oleksandr Kovalenko.

"Poltava Petroleum Company extracts and processes oil and gas on the territory of Poltava region. We as a socially responsible company with pleasure supported the Street Music Day festival in Poltava. Our enterprise makes its significant contribution both to the achievement of Ukraine’s energy independence, and in the development of social projects in our glorious city," - commented General Director of Poltava Petroleum Company Viktor Gladun.

"The Organizing Committee of the Street Music Day festival expresses deep gratitude to the companies Ukrainian Energy Exchange and Poltava Petroleum Company for substantial sponsorship in the festival. We feel deep respect for such socially responsible business representatives, thanks to which it becomes possible to implement public initiatives, like our festival in Poltava ", - commented the organizer of the festival Maksym Ganzha.