As it was previously announced, today, CE UEEX together with the operator of gas storage facilities JSC Ukrtransgaz provides an opportunity for participants in the natural gas market to trade natural gas in UGS through the sale and purchase of short-term standardized products.

Trading will be carried out in the short-term natural gas market section of CE UEEX. Customers of storage services who have gained access to trading in accordance with the procedure established by СE UEEX can take part in the auction. Gas in the UGS will be traded in the form of short-term standardized products at the CE UEEX Energy Trading Platform in the continuous trading mode. Transactions are made by means of matching, and their execution is carried out using the exchange’s clearing system, which is integrated with the systems of the gas storage operator and the bank, incl. on escrow accounts. Prior to bidding, participants pay a 3% security deposit (ensuring that agreements are signed and trade notices confirmed) and buyers deposit 100% of the item’s value into their escrow account. The exchange exchanges information with the gas storage operator regarding storage service customers (availability of natural gas, distributed working volume, etc.). After the auction, CE UEEX sends trade notifications to Ukrtransgaz JSC, and after their confirmation, makes settlements between the parties.

The Ukrainian Energy Exchange invites all participants to participate in natural gas trading in UGS in the short-term market. Participants who already have access to the short-term market of the CE UEEX will be able to access using a simplified procedure.