Last year was undoubtedly successful in natural gas trading on the Ukrainian Energy Exchange. During the year, 388 million cubic meters of natural gas were sold, which is almost 2.5 times more than in the previous year and 2.9 times more than in 2017. Thus, in recent years, trade volumes have been growing dynamically.

In total 218 trading sessions were held, 126 of which were natural gas resources sold. For comparison, 227 trading session were held in 2018, and in 2017 – 105.

UEEX manage to attract 100 new participants to the Natural Gas trade in 2019. Thus, 289 Companies were accredited for to the natural gas trading at the end of the year.

The natural gas trading was initiated by 44 companies. Kraft Energy Naftogaz Trading, PGNK, De Trading, TD SCF accounted for the largest number of initiated positions. Trading sessions were held both for buying and selling the resource.

Access of Naftogaz trading to the exchange trades had a great importance in the growth of participants’ activity. The company has formed starting positions 229 times. Of the exposed 252 million cubic meters of natural gas, 49% was sold. This is the highest absolute sales figure among other companies.

Totaly 77 active bidders were represented at the natural gas auction last year (in this case it is a bidder-buyer in an auction for sale and a bidder-seller in an auction for purchase). In terms of the number of bids for the exposed positions, RGC Trading occupies the leading position. At the same time, several companies are active both on the part of the initiator of the auction and the bidder (for example, Kraft Energy). Throughout the year, prices continued a constant downward trend. Thus, for example, the average weighted price of the resource in December was 5 307.08 UAH / tcm with VAT, which is 46% cheaper than the price of the resource in January. Reasons: competition between American liquefied gas and Russian pipeline gas, moderately warm weather, etc. The natural gas price is likely to be stably low in 2020. In general, the downward trend in price had a negative impact on the activity of initiators / bidders on UEEX in 2019.

"Last year we achieved a record volume of natural gas sales at the UEEX for the entire period of the exchange existence and a significant growth of accredited participants. Often, companies, especially state-owned enterprises, used an opportunity to initiate bidding for the resource and successfully purchased gas at stock exchange trading. All organizational and technical arrangements for the launch of an electronic trading system for trading short-term standardized contracts through a bilateral auction were completed in 2019. The start of trade in short-term contracts is expected in 2020," UEEX CEO Oleksandr Kovalenko mentioned.