Today, September 24, UEEX launches the trading platform in "combat mode" on the short-term natural gas market. Market participants will be able to regulate their imbalances within one day in order to balance their portfolios daily.

The trading platform operates in accordance with the requirements of the GTS Code and provides an opportunity to trade short-term standardized products to regulate short-term fluctuations in supply / demand and for balancing purposes. The trading platform operates in continuous trading mode on the intraday market. Transactions are settled using escrow accounts to manage the risk of non-payment.

The Ukrainian GTS Operator announces about the successful testing of the trade notification exchange system and the results of their processing by the Ukrainian GTS Operator. Thus, to date, almost all technical obstacles for the full-fledged operation of the daily balancing market in Ukraine have been eliminated.

"The launch of daily trading is another step towards the creation of a full-fledged gas exchange in Ukraine. Today, participants receive another important market instrument that will allow them to regulate their own imbalances, under circumstances of increased penalties for imbalances and capacity limitations for the use of UGS facilities. We closely monitor the progress of participants’ preparation for trading in the new system and provide high-quality support at every stage of the trading process," -says CEO of UEEX Oleksandr Kovalenko.

In order to have an opportunity to regulate their imbalances effectively, we invite all customers of transmission services in the natural gas market to be accredited and gain access to the short-term natural gas market.

You can view the records of the webinars "Overview of the trading platform for the daily balancing market of natural gas" and "Settlements using escrow accounts when concluding transactions in the daily balancing market" on our website, in the accreditation section for daily balancing.

In order to promptly inform market participants about new orders in the daily balancing trading platform, UEEX has launched a new telegram channel "UEEX - Daily Balancing". The channel is available at the link. Information on the available volume and prices of purchase and sale of the resource is updated several times a day.

If you have any additional questions and in order to receive training in the Energy Trading Platform, please contact us by phone: 044 35 35 735.