Ukrainian Energy Exchange continues to improve the software product "Exchange Electronic Trading System" (PP BETS).

Tomorrow, November 17, CE Ukrainian Energy Exchange is launching a new General Account functionality for all participants in the Natural Gas section.

The functionality of the general account will allow participants to participate in trades without "transferring" the guarantee fee funds from one trades to others by means of a letter, as well as easily and quickly replenish and withdraw funds from the general account.

Participants will be able to submit applications for exposed positions not only during the registration period of applications, but also directly during the auction, which will allow participants to make a decision to participate in the auction at any time, if there is money on the general account.

For early unblocking of guarantee fees blocked for transactions concluded at the auction, the parties of such an agreement will only need to confirm the signing of the corresponding purchase and sale Contract from both parties in their personal account.

The exchange commission fee for the "Natural Gas" section will be deducted from the general account of the trading participants automatically.

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