According to key performance indicators, 2019 has become the best year in energy trading. Energy resources for more than 58 billion UAH were sold during the year (taking into account the volume of trade using differentials), that is 2.5 times more than last year.

In total, 758 trading sessions were held, resulting in 10295 exchange transactions. November and December were record-breaking by the number of trading sessions, and the average annual value was 63 trading sessions per month.

Thus, in 2019, the number of trading sessions increased by 12%, the number of concluded deals - by 4%, the number of participants - by 59% compared to a year ago results.

A landmark event in 2019 was the launch of exchange auctions for purchase and sell of electricity. The first auction was held on June 27. Since that time, UEEX has been holding electricity sale auctions for the purposes of PSO, electricity sale auctions for state enterprises and the purchase - sale of load types schedules for other market participants. Thus, by 2019, electricity accounted for about half of the trading volume in monetary terms, most of which was the volume envisaged for the needs of the population in accordance with PSO.

An important achievement of UEEX last year was the attraction of Naftogaz of Ukraine to the natural gas exchange trading. As a result, Naftogaz Trading has sold 123 million cubic meters of natural gas at stock exchanges.

In the Prozorro.Sales system, UEEX maintained its leading position. Successful auctions allow filling the budgets of different levels. In 2017-2018, the increase in the minimum price reached an average of 16% - in UAH equivalent it is about 155 million UAH. Already in 2019, it reached 54%. That is, the organizers of the auctions received more than 232 million UAH in addition to the declared price.

"2019 was saturated with transformational processes in the markets, but we were able to handle all the challenges and created a powerful basis for the functioning of the liberalized markets of electricity and energy resources in the country. UEEX, as part of the market reform, has launched electricity trading in the market of bilateral agreements, we managed to create high liquidity in the natural gas market and attract the largest state-owned gas company to the auction. As part of the gas market reform, UEEX has fully developed and implemented a model of short-term natural gas market operation for trading short-term standardized products in the daily balancing mode. The figure of 1000 participants achieved in 2019 shows the recognition of the exchange, the trust of participants, confirms the equidistance and transparency of UEEX" - Oleksii Dubovskyi Chairman of the Exchange Committee mentioned.