Recently, there has been a significant decline in oil product prices on the global and Ukrainian markets. This fall is primarily due to the imbalance of demand and supply for oil. The decrease in production announced by the countries supplying oil to the world market allowed stabilise the prices, but the supply will still exceed the demand.

According to the quotations of CE Ukrainian Energy Exchange, the cost of gasoline A-95 at the beginning of February amounted to 25 400 UAH / tonn, now the price is 16 900 UAH / tonn, the decline is 33%. For gasoline A-92 the price has decreased by 37%: from 24 200 to 15 200 UAH/tonn.

Liquefied gas prices have also dropped significantly. The lowest prices were recorded on April 2 and amounted to 8,956 UAH/tonn. As of May 7, the price of liquefied gas is UAH 11697 / tonn, which is 15% lower than in February. It should be noted that according to the results of trades held in early May, the prices have slightly increased, apparently under the influence of strengthening oil quotations.

"The decline in prices for oil products and liquefied gas was largely due to a reduction in the use of fuel vehicles through quarantine measures. The gradual easing of restrictions should stimulate the market and stabilize prices. Today, UEEX can offer market participants the resource of the largest state producer - JSC "Ukrgazdobycha". UEEX invites actively participate in the trading process and guarantees professional support in preparation for exchange trading". - CEO of UEEX Oleksandr Kovalenko noted.