PJSC "Ukrgasvydobuvannya" from January this year had hold 50 exchange trading of oil products of own production on the trading floor of the Ukrainian Energy Exchange. On the results of the exchange trading have been sold 194 265,991 tons of oil products amounting to almost 3 billion UAH. By the results of trading PJSC "Ukrgasvydobuvannya" managed to earn 210 million UAH more than planned. This is possible through transparent mechanism for realization.

The indisputable indicator of the efficiency of exchange trading on the trading floor of the Ukrainian Energy Exchange was the fact that trading were held with a large number of participants, and their number is constantly increasing, because market participants trust the organizer of trading. The lack of artificial barriers and modern conditions of trading in the electronic trading system will allow transferring the exchange trade of oil products quality to a new level. Trading are held twice a week with the maximum number of steps, bidders actively competing for the resource of Ukrgasvydobuvannya.

"Today, all market participants have the opportunity to clearly see that the participation in exchange trading is a real opportunity to buy fuel at the manufacturer - PJSC "Ukrgasvydobuvannya". The Company defends market-based approaches in all matters related to the sale of our products - resource can only be redeemed at the market price, which will develop into a competitive, adversarial method according to trading results. We began to produce oil products of high quality Euro-4 and Euro-5, this incentivizes market participants to participate in trading because the fuel quality is not different from other offerings on the market, and prices are attractive. Openness and transparency are the basic principles of competitive and anti-corruption tools of trading which meet our requirements", - said Director for Commercial Affairs of PJSC "Ukrgasvydobuvannya" Serhii Fedorenko.

"Formation of prices on the basis of the ratio of supply and demand is normal practice of market development relations in developed countries. Ukraine is steadily moving this way and we are pleased that the State enterprise that is a leader in natural gas production in Ukraine uses these tools to improve own efficiency. In just 8 months of working together we were able to do what was not possible in the last 25 years of independence — we have created a transparent and accessible mechanism of participants’ admission to trading, trading was transferred exclusively in electronic format and even has developed and implemented a Toolkit of electronic queue for buyers. All this together has allowed us to attract more bidders, who form market space that we see today," - said CEO of Ukrainian Energy Exchange Oleksandr Kovalenko.

We will remind that sale of oil products, produced by PJSC "Ukrgasvydobuvannya" is held on a regular basis, twice a week, in the electronic trading system of the UEEX. PJSC "Ukrgasvydobuvannya" is producing gasoline and diesel Euro-4 standard.