The special permit for subsoils use in Poltava region was purchased for a record amount of 650,5 million UAH.

On August 31, on Prozorro.Sale electronic auctions, the trades was held for a special permit for geological study of oil and gas subsoil, including pilot development of deposits with further oil and gas production (industrial development of deposits) in Budishchansk-Chutovo Area. The special permit was selling for 20 years.

For the use of Poltava subsoil at the auction "competed" 5 participants. And this is quite a good competition for such trades. The record final cost of the lot was 650.5 million UAH in evidence of it. And this is 585% more than the initial value.

"From the first days of Derzhgeonadr’s work at electronic auctions Prozorro.Sale our platform CE Ukrainian Energy Exchange has become their reliable assistant and partner. We advise and help the organizer to start the lots in the system. And, as a rule, we actively search for and attract potential investors to these auctions. Therefore, we are proud that the most expensive lot was purchased by a participant who worked through our platform. This is our contribution to the development of Ukrainian oil and gas production," - says the Chairman of the Exchange Committee of CE Ukrainian Energy Exchange Oleksii Dubovskyi.