On October 26, the fourth successful auction for the sale of electricity from RES was held at the Ukrainian Energy Exchange. SE "Guaranteed Buyer" sold 24,600 MWh of block positions and 82,080 MWh of base load with a total cost of UAH 137.68 million.

Four base load items and 5 block items were put up for auction. The total volume of electricity offered by the "Guaranteed Buyer" in the zone of the IPS of Ukraine was 135,300 MWh.

In accordance with the Procedure for holding auctions for the sale of electricity from RES, the auctions were held to increase the price. Prices ranged from 1276 to 1345 UAH / MWh. The total weighted average price of electricity for the base load type was 1276.86 UAH / MWh, and the weighted average price for block items was 1336.56 UAH / MWh. At that time, the weighted average prices of the Day -ahead market as of October 26 amounted to UAH 1063.46 / MWh.

Traditionally, the auction has attracted a lot of attention from market participants. 15 participating companies made 334 steps in bidding for base load electricity and 555 for block items. As a result, 35 agreements were signed and 7 tender winners were found. High competition among the auction participants allowed the "guaranteed buyer" to earn additional UAH 10.8 million.

Information on the sale of electricity at the electronic auction of SE "Guaranteed Buyer" dated October 26, 2020