The seminar organizers were NKRE and the Ukrainian energy exchange. There were participants from Russian federation: Zayikina N.V. (the assistant chief of administration and the head of supervision administration of NP "Sovet rynka"), Lashmanov O.V. (the assistant chief of informational technologies department and the member of VAT "ATS" administration), Sydorenko V.M. (the assistant chief of VAT "INTER RAO EES" department of operating activity producing), and others. Ukrainian participants were represented by: administration and personnel of the Ukrainian Cabinet Council, the Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine, RNBO, NKRE, NEK "Ukrenergo", DP "Energorynok", members of generating, sales, investments and consulting companies, members of industrial companies, chiefs and journalists of core serial publications. Leading Russian specialists, who took part in liberalization of Russian power industry, shared their experience.

Introduction by Sergey Tytenko, the head of NKRE

Natalia Zayikina tells about structural bases of the Russian market of electric energy and history of its liberalization

The seminar had a dialog form

The participants of the seminar pointed high level of the company organization and its important role of the stage of the common vision forming of the target model of the Ukrainian electric energy market.