On the 23rd of May 2011 the General Director of the Ukrainian Enegry Exchange spoke at a meeting with the report "Exchange trade in the new model of the Ukrainian energy market" at the scientific and practical conference "The Energy Markets: practical implementation of the competitive models of energy markets" which was being held on the 23rd – 28th of May 2011 in the Crimea. The conference was organized by the Institute of Electrodynamics NAS with the support of NERC.

The conference was attended by representatives of SE "Energorynok", NEC "Ukrenergo", NERC, the leading companies of the energy sector of Ukraine, as well as representatives of a foreign consulting company «AF-Mercados EMI».

During the conference the issues relative to the reform of electricity markets and gas through their liberalization were discussed by leading experts of industry. The key characteristics of competitive market models were considered. Special attention was paid to solving of the practical problems of implementation and creation of framework for restructuring the energy sector of Ukraine.