Auction of untreated timber sale in the system Prozorro. Sales

From February 1, 2020 it is possible to take part in the auction for the sale of untreated timber at one of the accredited platforms of the system Prozorro.Sale. This step can help to bring a significant part of the wood market out of the shadow. Now only large batches are put up for an auction, but in the future the government plans to put all the timber harvested for sale in Ukraine at public auctions.

Exposing wood for sale in Ukraine at ProZorro.Sale

According to last year’s resolution "On implementation of the pilot project on electronic auctions for the sale of separate lots of untreated timber", a joint initiative of the Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection and SE Prozorro.Sale will last one year. In our country, the process of putting the wood to auction needed a clear legal regulation, there has long been a need for a transparent and effective auction for the sale of untreated timber using modern technology. Electronic platform CE Ukrainian Energy Exchange has the necessary software, also the best professionals work here, they have gained extensive experience in conducting complex exchange operations.

From now on, auctions for the sale of untreated timber for 2020 in Ukraine will be held according to an understandable, honest and accessible to all citizens procedure. Created by the joint efforts of the state, independent volunteers and public activists, ProZorro.Sale system is deservedly recognized as one of the best mechanisms to combat corruption in the world. Together with 44 accredited platforms, where also belongs, the State Enterprise ProZorro.Sale is ready to ensure fair and open sale of wood in the required amount, using a completely transparent and understandable algorithm of action.

To participate in the open auctions for sale of timber on the platform

The main difference between trading on the platform CE Ukrainian Energy Exchange and the existing system of sale of domestic timber is controllability and availability for a wide range of participants. Anyone can participate in the auction for the sale of untreated timber here. It is enough just to register in time and choose the lot you are interested in. Now at the platform for the auction are put up lots of 150 cubic meters or more than 200 000 UAH.

The ProZorro.Sale system is open to public control - data on bidders, auctioned items and the winner are publicly available. This completely excludes illegal "schemes" and shadow agreements. The launch of public wood auctions was the first step to the way of creating a modern and independent wood market in the country with clear regulations and no discrimination against participants.

The platform CE Ukrainian Energy Exchange is a team of professionals who will gladly help you to win the auction for the sale of untreated timber. Subscribe to a regular mailing and a convenient Telegram-bot and be the first to know about new auctions!