On May 2, 2019, a successful transparent electronic trades for the right to extract oil and gas were held. Seven lots were put up for trading.

Lots were put up for auction by the State Service of Geology and Subsoil of Ukraine in the system Prozorro.Sale through the electronic platform of Ukrainian Energy Exchange.

Trades were successfully held on the North-Efremivska and Dobrenska areas (Kharkiv region), Opolonivska-1 area (Chernihiv region), Kalouzhna-1 area (Sumy region), Drohobychska area (Lviv region) and Kadobnyansk field (Ivano-Frankivsk region).

Trades for the Opolonivska-2 area was not held, as, according to the current auction procedure, orders must be submitted by at least 2 participants.

Ukrhasvydobuvannia JSC has become the absolute favourite of trading. The company became the winner in 5 lots out of 6.
The winner of the trades for the Drohobychska area was United Oil and Gas Company LLC.

Prykarpatresursy LLC and BanGaz Oil and Gas Company LLC also took an active part in the trades for the Kadobnyansk field.

"This is already the second successful oil and gas trading conducted through the electronic platform of the Ukrainian Energy Exchange. We are proud to have become a part of the process of reforming and developing the oil and gas industry. These trades have shown that CE "Ukrainian Energy Exchange" is a reliable partner for trading in the system of Prozorro.Sale", - said the CEO of the electronic platform of CE "Ukrainian Energy Exchange" Oleksandr Kovalenko.

"E-trading for oil and gas fields is a great success in industry reform. Today, auctions were held on six of the proposed seven sites, which indicates the interest of investors in new areas. As well as during the first March auction, the second round was held with the participation of only Ukrainian miners. We expect increased competition in future online auctions and CPA contests due to participation of foreign companies. We hope that the process of determining the winner of the competition will be as transparent as in electronic trades and with equal access for all comers," said Roman Opimakh, Executive Director of the Association of Gas Producers of Ukraine.