On November 2, PrJSC "NJSC" Nadra of Ukraine" announced an auction in the system Prozorro.Sales for the sale of a non-residential seven-storey building in the center of Lviv, which belongs to the company as private property. The building consists of a basement and a mezzanine.

The building has the all range of communications: hot and cold water supply, sewerage, heating, gas and electricity supply. Elevator available. The object is an architectural monument of local importance.

The starting price of the building is UAH 445,000,000.

The organizer was helped to successfully enter such an unusual, interesting and geographically attractive lot into the electronic trading system on the platform of the Ukrainian Energy Exchange. Full support in preparation for this auction is offered on the platform and to potential buyers.

“We would like to pay the attention of the auction participants, the acceptance of bids will continue throughout November. However, we always emphasize that there is no need to postpone everything until the last day. It is worth immediately weighing all the pros of a new acquisition and registering on the platform. And already on December 1, we will find out the name of the new owner of the building in the center of Lviv, ”- summed up Oleksandr Kovalenko, CEO of CE Ukrainian Energy Exchange.