On February 21, Poltava Petroleum Company is planning to sell long forward contracts at UEEX for delivery of 12 million cubic meters of natural gas for 4 months from April to July 2019 with 3 million cubic meters monthly. For each month of delivery, the company offers six lots of 500 thousand cubic meters in volume each.

Trades will be held in the mode of differentials, that is, buyers will compete for a size of the discount to the base price of 8500 UAH/thousand m3. Starting discount is 100 UAH. Detailed sales conditions can be found following link.

Trades by the formula will allow buyers to purchase gas volumes guaranteed for 4 months at the best market price.

We remind that this is the second trading in differentials that PPC conducts. The first trades took place in April 2017, then 2 million cubic meters of natural gas were sold.