Today, on March 28, 2018, the resource of PJSC Ukrtatnafta namely Bitumen oil road BND 60/90 for the first time have been sold on UEEX. The resource have been sold by the starting price of 11 000 UAH/ton with the the delivery by truck from the Kremenchuk refinery in April 2018.

"We hope that the volume of bitumen, that was sold at the trades will be the beginning of a long way of selling oil products, produced by the Kremenchuk refinery on our exchange and we are looking with optimism on our further cooperation. It should be noted that despite on sold small volume, more than 5 participants took part in the trades, and their orders exceeded volume that was put up for sale almost 2 times" commented CEO of CE "Ukrainian Energy Exchange" Oleksandr Kovalenko.