PJSC "Ukrnafta" for the first time took part in electronic exchange trades on the Ukrainian Energy Exchange where it sold all the put up volume, namely 4 million cubic meters of natural gas of its own production. The resource was sold at a price of UAH 8,860 UAH /thousand cubic meters.

"Electronic exchange trading in natural gas on our exchange continues to grow. Last week debut volume of Geo-Alliance was sold on our exchange, today Ukrnafta sold its first 4 million cubic meters. All these indicators of the fact that the market believed in the effectiveness of exchange trading. I want to note that despite the increase in the price relative to the starting price of 60 UAH, for this resource there was a very serious struggle of a large pool of participants, which was reflected in 54 entries in the trading protocol .The seller himself could feel all the advantages of exchange trading by accepting a counter offer at the beginning with a decrease in price and, as a result, receiving an additional income of 120,000 UAH," - commented CEO of the Ukrainian Energy Exchange, Oleksandr Kovalenko.