The seller put 2 positions for a total volume of 9 000 tons. Gasoline А-92 Forsazh in the quantity of 25 lots, in the total volume of 3000 tons at a starting price 16 000,00 UAH per ton and Residual oil М-100, 25 lots, total volume 6000 tons, the price for 1 ton - 3 400,00 UAH.

According to the results of electronic exchange trading 600 tons of Gasoline A-92 Forsazh on the quotation price of 15 186.00 UAH. per ton and a 4 080 tonnes of Residual oil M-100 for the price of 2 500.00 UAH. for 1 ton were sold.

Results and more info about electronic exchange trading № UGV-1 here.