On the electronic exchange trading the positions are put up by:

  • LLС "GAZ.UA"

Electronic exchange trades in the direction of natural gas are carried out in the Software Product "Exchange Electronic Trading System" (PP BETS) in accordance with then Rules of exchange trade on the LLC "Ukrainian Energy Exchange" and the Regulations for electronic exchange trades on the Ukrainian Energy Exchange.

Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, who have such a right under the current legislation of Ukraine, acquiring the status of a non-permanent member of the exchange, may participate in electronic exchange trading.

Participants of electronic exchange trades, wishing to participate in electronic exchange trades, should ensure the availability on the general account in the PP BETS the amount of guarantee fee necessary for participation in trading in the amount of 3 (three) percent of the total cost in accordance with the bids submitted by the participant, based on the starting price and the coverage of the commission in the amount of 15,32 UAH for each th. c. m. and:

  • by 23.06.2022 until 1:50 p.m. to submit requests in the form of sale/purchase positions and/or
  • by 23.06.2022 until 1:50 p.m., or directly during the trading period, apply for participation in trading on selected positions.

Participants of electronic exchange trades transfer a guarantee fee to the Exchange account with the purpose of payment: #BETS Поповнення гарантійних коштів для участі в торгах від __.____.2022 р. on the following details: рахунок № UA403004650000026003302394670 в АТ "Ощадбанк", код ЄДРПОУ 37027819

Attention! In case of incorrect entry of the key value in the text of payment assignment, the corresponding amount will not be credited to the general account in PP BETS, but will be returned as mistakenly transferred funds to the current account of the participant of electronic exchange trades on a written application from such participant signed by his manager or other authorized person and stamp (if available), transferred by any convenient means (by fax, e-mail, etc.) with the subsequent sending of the original by mail. The key value in the payment destination text consists of the hashtag symbol (the "#" symbol) and the abbreviation in Latin, capital letters BETS, entered without passes - #BETS).

To participate in the bidding for positions it is necessary to pass the compliance procedure in advance. A list of all companies and requirements is available at the link.

The trading session runs from 14 o’clock 00 minutes till 16 o’clock 00 minutes on 23.06.2022 If as at 16 o’clock 00 minutes on any of the positions trading is still ongoing, the trading session continues until the end of the trading on the last of the lots/batch of joint lots, which are still trading.

Price step - 12 UAH

More info: (044) 35-35-735, or send an application letter in free form by e-mail: [email protected].