On 11-th of March the first auction for the commercial sections with coefficients using has been planned. The initiator of the starting position for the purchase was PJSC «Kharkivenergozbut».

At the end of last year, the Ukrainian Energy Exchange offered market participants new tools for trading in electricity, among which trading in coefficients. The essence of such an auction is that the participant initiates a position for the auction, instead of the price specifies the starting coefficient, which is the rate of discount or bonuses to the base price indicator chosen by the initiator. During the auction, trading can take place either up or down the coefficient.

PJSC " Kharkivenergozbut " chose the DAM prices for the corresponding hour as the basic price indicator, the starting coefficient was determined at 0.995. The company plans to purchase 5,400 MWh of peak load electricity.

We would like to remind you that UEEX has recently presented a new video about trading in coefficients, and UEEX CEO Olexander Kovalenko in an interview with Expro Gas & Oil has already told about the possibility and peculiarities of trading in coefficients.

In order to get access to participation in auctions for the purchase and sale of electricity at UEEX, in particular, to be able to sell electricity to JSC "Kharkivenergozbut", companies need to pass the accreditation procedure.