According to the results of 6 months of 2020, the volume of energy resources sold at UEEX amounted to 50 billion UAH - it is about 85% of the sales volume for the entire 2019. The largest growth is in the natural gas market. The electricity market is also operating successfully.

In general, the first half of 2020 was marked by significant price fluctuations in the oil products and natural gas markets. In total, 532 trading sessions were held, as a result of which more than 2000 exchange certificates were concluded. 62 new companies were attracted six months to the auction; as of the end of June, UEEX had 1102 participants.

In addition, UEEX sold 257 thousand cubic meters in six months of raw wood, which is 120% more than for the entire last year. Summing up the results of auctions through the electronic platform in the Prozorro system. Sales, we can note that participants from the UEEX sold 27 lots for more than 38 million UAH. Also, participants from UEEX submitted 82 winning offers for the amount of 184,300,000. UAH.

At the beginning of the year, Energo-bot was launched - a telegram bot from UEEX, which allows you to track quotes in major directions, get convenient access to the trading calendar and the latest news of the exchange.

"Thanks to the activity of participants in trading on the UEEX, we can see a significant increase in the volume of trade in energy resources. New companies are being accredited, sales are increasing. This undoubtedly contributes to the formation of the most objective market prices and an increase in the liquidity of the exchange. Recently, UEEX received ISO quality certificates confirming the reliability of our information systems, compliance with international standards, and a customer-oriented approach, "- summed up the results of the work Olexandr Kovalenko CEO of UEEX.