On July 16, three companies sold 2.805 million cubic meters of natural gas resources of July and August. According to the results of the trading session, contrary to the European trends, the prices decreased: -8.9% for the resource of August and -9.4% for the resource of July compared to the results of the previous trading session.

A total of five companies put up their July, August and gas resources in UGS facilities for sale on July 16, while three companies managed to sell the resource: PPC, SGS and Naftogaz Trading. Sellers formed starting prices of resources in a wide range: from 5302.50 to 6600 UAH including VAT for the resource of July and from 5452.52 to 6600 UAH including VAT for the resource of August. According to the results of the trades, objective market prices were formed: 5691.85 UAH for the resource of July and 5727.32 UAH for the resource of August. Decrease in prices was also achieved due to attraction of a considerable number of participants in trading sessions, which were about thirty, that is twice as much as the previous trading day.

An important role in the formation of objective market prices for natural gas at the Ukrainian Energy Exchange is played by Naftogaz Trading, which has been steadily selling natural gas at the exchange trading since July 5 (the company has already sold more than 10 million cubic meters of natural gas in the ratio of July and August about 1:1). The trading sessions initiated by Naftogaz Trading have aroused considerable interest among market participants.

"We welcome the increased competition and liquidity in natural gas trading on the Ukrainian Energy Exchange. An important role in achieving these results is played by the entry of such a major player as Naftogaz Trading, which since July 5 has sold 99% of the starting natural gas volumes. We express our hope for the expansion of cooperation with Naftogaz Trading and the formation of an objective indicator of the wholesale natural gas price in Ukraine on the basis of UEEX quotations", - commented on the results of the trades CEO of the Ukrainian Energy Exchange Oleksandr Kovalenko.

We would like to remind you that in order to participate in trading, interested parties should undergo the KYC procedure, as well as obtain accreditation at the Exchange. We invite all interested parties to participate in trading sessions on natural gas sale and purchase at the Ukrainian Energy Exchange.