22.06.2016 Kyiv

Tuesday, June 22, 2016 on the electronic trading platform of CE "Ukrainian Energy Exchange" were held spot trading on petroleum products on the domestic market №. UGV-23, produced by PJSC "Ukrgasvydobuvannya". Were put up for sale 7 810 tons of petroleum products. In the end of the trading session 5 495 tons were sold for a total amount of 105,486 million UAH on the basis of delivery EXW Shebelynka, Iablunivka and branch "Lvivgasvydobuvannya" with the type of shipment – vehicle and railway.

According to the results of held electronic trading, were realized more than 70,36% of set volume, which is quite high. Specialists of the exchange note that the majority of lots are under continuous negative trend of last week. The decline in demand for petroleum products was immediately reflected in the prices of energy resources. The largest decrease in prices observed for gasoline. So the price of A-95 decreased by 200 UAH/t compared to the previous trading, the price of gasoline A-92 decreased by 316,99 and 410,77 UAH per ton, shipment by vehicle and by railway respectively, and gasoline A-80 decreased by 600,00 UAH/t shipment by vehicle and 460,71 UAH/t shipment by railway.

"We see a continued negative trend on world markets, which is reflected in our market. It’s not correct to say that the decline in prices or their growth is absolute good, because the market is constantly searching for the equilibrium point and we are pleased that on our exchange platform such level is formed continuously and is the benchmark for the rest of the OTC market," said after the trading CEO of Ukrainian Energy Exchange Oleksandr Kovalenko.

According to the analyst of UPECO consulting company Oleksandr Sirenko, oil products of Shebelynka GPP, particularly gasoline of higher quality Euro-4, just started to be in demand on the Ukrainian market. "Among operators and consumers in Ukraine is believed that the domestic may not be of high quality. The company producer should make a lot of efforts to promote high quality fuel of own production", - said the expert. According to him, now new Shebelynka gasoline through auctions is sold for about 60-70% of the offered amount. "It’s the market’s reaction to the proposals of the imported gasoline, in particular the production of Mozyr oil refinery (Belarus) which Ukraine shipped more than 70 tons for the first 19 days of June. But in the long term, with proper marketing, the price and sales volume of petroleum products The UGV will reach the proper level," - said Sirenko.

Reference: Trading in energy resources of PJSC "UKRGASVYDOBUVANNYA" on the trading floor of the Ukrainian Energy Exchange are held every Tuesday on a regular basis. Trading is being attended by some of the largest traders of the domestic market. According to messages of UGV, the Company in March 2016 switched to production of gasoline Euro-4. Diesel fuel of Euro-4 standard the Company will be able to produce from September 2016

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