Ukrainian government has headed for the liberalization of the coal industry in order to create a transparent coal market and ensure the formation of market prices for it. To this effect the mechanism of the coal exchange traded was launched.

Exchange trade offers the significant cost advantages for market participants. The first is that according to the Tax Code the usual price is set by the tax authorities based on the level of exchange quotation. That is buying or selling coal on the commodity exchange the company avoids the complexities of the justification of the level of prices as it has been developed as a result of free competition.

The exchange trades can be long or short, that is with increasing or decreasing prices. It allows people to choose the best price deals and even make a difference in prices.

We would remind that CE "Ukrainian Energy Exchange" was included by the Ministry of Economic Development of Ukraine in the list of commodity exchanges that can organize trading in coal products. CE "Ukrainian Energy Exchange" operates based on the principles of openness and transparency of exchange trading and is constantly improving the quality of exchange services. The operation of the exchange is guided by the European market principles and is open to dialogue with all market participants to build a competitive and efficient mechanism for exchange trading, thus market participants will be able to offer different types of coal and effectively implement the purchase / sale of coal products.

CE "Ukrainian Energy Exchange" invites all participants of the coal market and their consumers to participate in the electronic exchange trading in coal products. More detailed information can be found on our website or by phone 044-591-25-00.