European trader "MET Ukraine" was accredited at the "Ukrainian Energy Exchange". 100% of "MET Ukraine" belongs to the Swiss "MET Holding" engaged in trading operations in the markets of oil, gas and electricity in Central and Eastern Europe. Starting from 2014 MET is in the top 10 suppliers of natural gas on the border with Ukraine.

"MET Ukraine" comes to the sale of natural gas in Ukraine. Buyers will be offered with the resource for delivery in August 2017 with the preliminary price 6850 UAH per thousand cubic meters. Date of trading will be announced later.

"Gas sale on electronic trading system of the Exchange is a transparent mechanism for sale of natural gas, is the first step towards the development of transparent and liquid market in Ukraine, an active player of which we are. We are planning to significantly increase volumes of gas sales to Ukrainian consumers and to take a leading position in the market for a short time, offering the best prices and tools" commented Serdar Karliev, representative of MET Group (Switzerland).

To participate in "MET Ukraine" trading potential buyers must be accredited at the exchange.

Also to provide "MET Ukraine" documents for compliance procedure.

To confirm reliability prior to trading one need to provide on filled, signed with seal questionnaire and the following documents on the e-mail

  1. Proof of signature (passport possible)
  2. The structure of shareholders and ultimate beneficiaries (UBOs)
  3. Financial statements (for the last 2 years)
  4. Registration documents (Charter, Statement issued not later than 1 month before providing to MET Ukraine)
  5. EIC Code
  6. KYC Questionnaire

We also propose you to consider the contracts forms under which we work:

  1. Framework agreement + annexes
  2. Individual contract