Yesterday, June 25, according to the results of the auction for the sale of electricity under medium term bilateral contracts OE "Energoatom-Trading" SE "NAEK" Energoatom "(hereinafter - Energoatom-Trading) sold 1.325 MWh of base load. The auction was held in the form of a special session on the sale of packages of lots, its peculiarity is a long period of electricity supply, which is up to 6 months and is limited to December 31, 2020.

Only those participants who purchase electricity solely for their own consumption are entitled to buy electricity under such bilateral contracts. The volume of purchase provided for this type of auctions is determined by indivisible packages of lots - 50 lots each.

During the auction, the starting price was lowered. Thus, the average weighted selling price was UAH 1,064.50 /MWh. At the same time, the minimum price of transactions was UAH 1,060.00, and the maximum - UAH 1,079.00 /MWh. For comparison, the price of the base load according to the results of bidding on June 25 in the day ahead market was UAH 1,007.40 /MWh.

The bidding lasted six hours. At the beginning of the auction there was a significant difference between the offers of the seller and the buyers. During the auction, the price of the Seller’s offer was declining and the Buyers’ offers were increasing. Thus, for example, 52 counter offers were received from the participants. As a result the average weighted price was formed at the level of UAH 1 064,50 and the whole starting volume of electricity was realized.