Today, September 18, an auction for the sale of electricity under medium term bilateral contracts was held. SS Energoatom-Trading SE NJSC Energoatom has realized 110 450 MWh of base load. According to auction results, weighted average price was 1235 UAH. Electricity delivery period determined from 01.10.2020 to 31.12.2020. Total sales value was 136,4 mln. UAH.

The auction was continued and lasted for 1,5 hours. After accepting one of the counter offers, the price was increased in 57 steps. In value volume the growth made up 7,18 mln UAH.

The peculiarity of this auction is the sale of an indivisible package of lots - 50 lots each, with 6 month period and is limited to December 31, 2020. The right to purchase electricity on bilateral contracts of package of lots have participants, who buy electricity for own consumption only.

"Successful implementation of the entire amount of electricity on the exchange ensured that by the end of the year the winner would receive the electricity of base load from a reliable state supplier at market price. Ukrainian Energy Exchange congratulates auctions winners – FERREXPO POLTAVA MINING and invites participants of the market to participate actively in the next auctions, guaranteeing professional support on each stage of its holding", - UEEX CEO Oleksandr Kovalenko summed it up.

Also informing you, that on Monday, September 21 the next auction for the sale of packages of lots with delivery period in November-December 2020 in the amount of 25 lots will be held.