4 690 tons of oil products with a total value of 53 041 000,00 UAH were put up for trading. For the first time this year at the electronic exchange trading positions were put up for the sale of highly flavored catalytic reforming unit and propellant hydrocarbon, and that has attracted new participants to the accreditation at the Exchange and taking part in trading.

During the electronic trading there has been greater interest in Gasoline А-92 Forsazh, railway terms of delivery. The price during trading rose by 111 steps that amounts 7.16 percent from the starting price. The demand for vehicle terms of delivery amounted to 5.61% from the starting price, 81 steps.

According to the results of the electronic exchange trading 3 900 tons of oil products were realized worth 49 356 300,00 UAH.

Results and more info about electronic exchange trading № UGV-3 here.