On the electronic exchange trading the positions are put up by:
  • LLC "MET Ukraine"
Documents for the compliance procedure.

To confirm the reliability prior to bidding one need to provide filled, signed & sealed the questionnaire and the following documents on the mail info.metukraine@met.com:
Proof of signature (passport)
The structure of shareholders and ultimate beneficiaries (UBOs)
Financial statements (For the last 2 years)
Registration documents (the Charter, the extract issued not later than 1 month before providing to MET Ukraine)
EIC Code.
KYC Questionnaire
Electronic exchange trading for the sale of natural gas is held in the Software product "Electronic Exchange Trading System" (BETS) in accordance with the Rules of exchange trading at Commodity Exchange "Ukrainian Energy Exchange" and Regulations on the electronic exchange trading at Commodity Exchange "Ukrainian Energy Exchange".

Legal persons and physical persons-entrepreneurs who have such right according to the current legislation of Ukraine can participate in electronic exchange trading, acquiring the status of a non-permanent member of the Exchange.

Exchange members wishing to participate in the electronic exchange trading have to submit purchase orders before 13:00 on 20.12.2017 and deposit a security deposit before 13:00 on 20.12.2017 in the amount of 3 (three) percent of the total purchase amount, according to the Invoice formed in the BETS.

The trading session runs from 15 o’clock 00 minutes till 15 o’clock 00 minutes on 20.12.2017. If as at 17 o’clock 00 minutes on any of the positions trading is still ongoing, the trading session continues until the end of the trading on the last of the lots/batch of joint lots, which are still trading.

Price step - 10 UAH.

More info: +38 (044) 35-35-735, or send an application letter in free form by e-mail: application@ueex.com.ua.