Finally, the commodity exchange market in Ukraine can boast of a liquid organized market, which corresponds to European analogues. Until now, activities on the commodity exchange market have attracted little attention of traders, but professional approach, availability of technologies and services provided by CE "Ukrainian Energy Exchange" (CE UEEX) breaks the stereotypes of the "hammer" trade and brings trade relations to a transparent, competitive and higher level.

During 2017 and the first quarter of 2018, 3.3 million tons of energy resources (oil products, coal, oil and gas condensate) and 175 million cubic meters of natural gas were sold on electronic exchange trades conducted by the "UEEX" for a total of more than 33 billion UAH. In addition, through the system ProZorro.Sale CE "UEEX" (, launched in February 2017, the property was sold for more than 7 billion UAH. CE "UEEX" is the absolute leader among electronic platforms in terms of sales of bank assets, which amounted to more than 992 million UAH, or 13.6% of the total sales of the Fund. The platform of CE "UEEX" successfully passed testing in January 2018 and was connected to ProZorro.Sale CBD2 and is already selling property of state and municipal property. Subscription to the free newsletter:

Oleksandr Kovalenko CEO, commented on the achievements of CE "UEEX": "We are confidently moving towards achieving our strategic goal and building transparent and competitive markets in Ukraine with the provision of hedging mechanisms for price risks and are able to ensure the transition to futures exchange markets. The main beneficiary of our activities, first of all, is the State. Since its inception, CE "UEEX" has remained faithful to European values and models of doing business and in every way develops civilized and socially recognized mechanisms for doing business. Today’s achievements once again confirm high trust of our customers, among them companies and traders with an international name. We have necessary knowledge, experience, technology and a team of professionals to keep leadership in the future!"