Electronic platform of CE Ukrainian Energy Exchange has become the most active in the sector of sales of licenses for the use of subsoil - this, in particular, was noted in the general rating of SE Prozorro.Sale, which was presented for the second anniversary of registration as a state enterprise.

An indicator of trust is the fact that for almost a year and a half the State Service of Geology and Subsoil of Ukraine has been successfully organizing auctions through the electronic platform of CE UEEX in the system "Prozorro.Sale". During this period, 82 lots, worth 1.5 billion UAH, were accepted for sale at the auctions. Of these, over 350 million UAH - were paid by the winners of the CE UEEX. This is the highest figure among other platforms.

The State Service of Geology and Subsoil of Ukraine offers permits for the use of subsoil in various regions of Ukraine, for the development of various species. This includes natural gas, oil, various rocks, amber, underground water, including mineral and therapeutic.

"Availability and transparency of the process of obtaining special subsoil use permits through the UEEX electronic platform allows the business to significantly expand the geography of its operations.This is also facilitated by the wide geographical coverage of bids submitted for auctions. We hold a high bar in the quality of service for subsoil users who already use the platform, and are ready to offer support to potential participants at all stages of preparation for the auctions,"- concluded the Chairman of the Exchange Committee of СE Ukrainian Energy Exchange Oleksii Dubovskyi.

It should be noted that one of the most convenient ways to track new lots is telegram-boot of the CE UEEX platform.