CE "Ukrainian Energy Exchange" launched two new services that will help in calculating and forecasting prices and volumes, to more accurately reflect the liquidity of the market of bilateral contracts.

On November 19, on the main page of the UEEX, an informer of weighted average prices for the “Electricity” direction by trade zones was launched, which shows the weighted average prices by the types of schedules and periods of supply of electric energy, formed on the exchange. Each participant today can place the UEEX informer on his website, which will expand the range of information you provide.

On November 30, UEEX launched another service - "Weighted average prices by types of delivery schedule", which reflects the cumulative weighted average prices and volumes daily in the context of the month. Prices and volumes in this service are displayed every day by delivery periods within a separate trade zone, taking into concideration all auctions (except for PSO and export outside Ukraine). Using the weighted average prices, you can analyze the dynamics of prices in the market of bilateral contracts.

The creation of new services is timed to a series of seminars on the topic "Organization of electricity trade in the wholesale market" with the participation of the speaker Krzysztof Rogulski, an expert on the electricity market. A series of seminars was organized for accredited UEEX participants with the support of the Exchange and took place on November 12-19, 2020. In total, more than 240 participants took part and visited it, who received useful and relevant information from a leading expert.

CE "UEEX" constantly strives to be in close dialogue with market participants in order to quickly respond to the requirements and needs of the market. Therefore, we strive to maintain feedback with the participants and also ask you to inform us about any suggestions or comments about new services that have arisen.