On the electronic exchange trading the positions are put up by:

  • TOV "TD SKF"
  • TOV "Kraft Energy"
  • TOV "ERU Trading"
  • TOV "Gas supplying company "Naftogas Ukrayiny"
  • JV "PPC"
  • TOV "DE Trading"


Electronic exchange trading in the direction of natural gas is held in the Software product "Electronic Exchange Trading System" (BETS) in accordance with the Rules of exchange trading at Commodity Exchange "Ukrainian Energy Exchange" and Regulations on the electronic exchange trading at Commodity Exchange "Ukrainian Energy Exchange".

Legal persons and physical persons-entrepreneurs who have such right according to the current legislation of Ukraine can participate in electronic exchange trading, acquiring the status of a non-permanent member of the Exchange.

Exchange members wishing to participate in the electronic exchange trading have to submit purchase/sale orders before 13:00 on 29.10.2019 and deposit a security deposit before 13:00 on 29.10.2019 in the amount of 3 (three) percent of the total purchase/sale amount, according to the Invoice formed in the BETS.

For position №10

To confirm the reliability not later than 1 business day prior to the day of trading, it is necessary to send to the e-mail of TOV "Gas supplying company "Naftogas Ukrayiny" c@naftogazpostach.com filled in and signed by the qualified electronic signature of the authorized official of the participant of exchange trading, with the electronic seal (if any), the questionnaire of the counteragent - legal entity and the Structure of ownership (forms are attached), as well as to provide scan-copies as follows certified by the qualified electronic signature and electronic seal (if any):

  • Articles of Association or description with access code to the Articles of Association and/or a copy of another constituent document (if the trading participant works on the basis of another constituent document).
  • Document confirming the powers of the head (minutes, order).
  • Power of Attorney (if the contract is to be concluded by a representative under a power of attorney).
  • Minutes of the authorized body of the Company to approve the conclusion of the deal, which exceeds the powers of the signatory.
  • Balance sheet (as of the last reporting date for the LLC and ALC, and as of the last reporting date for the annual report for the JSC) or a statement of the net asset value for the LLC and ALC or the asset value for the JSC.
  • Certificate (extract) of the VAT payer (for VAT payers) or information on the assigned Individual Tax Number.
  • Certificate (extract) of the single tax payer (for single tax payers) or information on the group of single tax payers and the size of the single tax.
  • Information about bank account details.
  • Information about the assigned ЕІС -code of type "X".
  • Information about the contact persons for the conclusion, signing and execution of the contract.

For position №12

In order to check the potential counterparty not later than 2 working day before the trading day, it is necessary to provide by e-mail M.Rosul@detrading.energy filled in, signed by a duly authorized official of the participant of the exchange trades, with the seal (if applicable), the Questionnaire of the Counterparty of the legal entity with subsequent sending it in hard copy by mail with the list of attachments to the address: Kyiv, st. Predslavinska, 34-A.

Contact person from TOV "DE Trading"
Mikhail Rosul

The trading session runs from 14 o’clock 00 minutes till 16 o’clock 00 minutes on 29.10.2019. If as at 16 o’clock 00 minutes on any of the positions trading is still ongoing, the trading session continues until the end of the trading on the last of the lots/batch of joint lots, which are still trading.

Price step - 12 UAH.

More info: +38 (044) 35-35-735, or send an application letter in free form by e-mail: application@ueex.com.ua.