On the electronic exchange trading the positions are put up by:

  • SE "Ukrautogaz"
  • SE "Ukrspyrt"


Electronic exchange trading in the direction of natural gas is held in the Software product "Electronic Exchange Trading System" (BETS) in accordance with the Rules of exchange trading at Commodity Exchange "Ukrainian Energy Exchange" and Regulations on the electronic exchange trading at Commodity Exchange "Ukrainian Energy Exchange".

Legal persons and physical persons-entrepreneurs who have such right according to the current legislation of Ukraine can participate in electronic exchange trading, acquiring the status of a non-permanent member of the Exchange.

Exchange members wishing to participate in the electronic exchange trading have to submit sale orders before 09:00 on 21.06.2019 and deposit a security deposit before 09:00 on 21.06.2019 in the amount of 3 (three) percent of the total sale amount, according to the Invoice formed in the BETS.

For position №1

In order to be admitted to the trades, a participant should send scanned copies of the following documents to the SE "Ukrautogaz" to the e-mail address oostrovskyi@ukravtogaz.com and ukravtogas@ukr.net:

  1. License for natural gas supply (resolution of the National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Public Utilities);
  2. Extract from the Unified State Register (EDR);
  3. Charter;
  4. Balance sheet and Statement of Financial Performance as of the last reporting date and for 2018;
  5. Letters of customer feedback and/or information on fulfilled contracts of natural gas supply for 2018-2019 with indication of the name and contacts of customers;
  6. Completed questionnaire of a legal entity or individual’s counterparty.

SE Ukravtogaz conducts preliminary selection of participants according to the qualification requirements and uses the following STOP parameters:

  1. Activity of a Participant (legal entity), its owners, founders (individuals), managers and final beneficiaries became the subject of investigation in criminal proceedings.
  2. The measures of criminal-legal character are applied to the Participant (legal entity), its owners, founders (physical persons), managers and final beneficiaries by the court sentence.
  3. Participant has made anticompetitive concerted actions with respect to the Customer.
  4. A Presence of violations by the Participant of its contractual obligations (including attempt and/or delivery by the Participant of low-quality and/or counterfeit products, provision of services not in full, failure to meet the terms of performance of contractual obligations) under the current/previously concluded contracts with the Customer.
  5. A Participant in the procurement procedure who, as of the date of the audit, is not a related person (Participants) in the procurement procedure, a member (members) of the Tender Committee, but was such a related person during the year prior to the submission of proposals for participation in the procurement.
  6. A Participant is subject to international sanctions or sanctions related to foreign economic activity.
  7. The subject of procurement and/or its components, which are offered by the Participant, are manufactured on the temporarily occupied, uncontrolled territory of Ukraine.
  8. Violation by the Participant of the rules of labour protection and safety at the Customer’s facilities within the framework of performance of previously concluded contracts.
  9. Refusal to sign a standard contract and/or annexes (specifications) to the contract, which are defined and approved by the documentation of the procurement procedure.
  10. Presence of signs of connection between Participants of the procurement procedure.

For position №2

For admission to the trading, participant should send scanned copies of the following documents to SE Ukrspyrt at the address m.cherkhavyj@ukrspirt.com:

  1. License for the supply of natural gas.
  2. Extract from the EDR.
  3. Charter
  4. Balance sheet and statement of financial results for the latest reporting date.

SE Ukrspyrt conducts preliminary selection of participants according to the qualification requirements:

  1. Availability of licenses and other permits for the supply of natural gas throughout Ukraine The Company is engaged in the production of natural gas or is an importer;
  2. Absence of encumbrances or restrictions with regard to the disposal of property or funds of the supplier enterprise by the state regulatory bodies;
  3. Absence of tax debt from the supplier;
  4. Absence of decisions on restrictive measures (sanctions) by the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine regarding the supplier enterprise;
  5. Absence of the supplier enterprise in the black list of AMCU.

In the event that the supplier is an intermediary (Not an importer or natural gas producer) the following additional criteria are established:

  1. Experience on the market for more than 1 year;
  2. The enterprise is profitable in the current and previous year;
  3. The authorized capital is not less than 5 million UAH at the time of the announcement of the trading.

The trading session runs from 11 o’clock 00 minutes till 13 o’clock 00 minutes on 21.06.2019. If as at 13 o’clock 00 minutes on any of the positions trading is still ongoing, the trading session continues until the end of the trading on the last of the lots/batch of joint lots, which are still trading.

Price step - 10 UAH.

More info: +38 (044) 35-35-735, or send an application letter in free form by e-mail: application@ueex.com.ua.