On the electronic exchange trading the positions are put up by:

  • TOV "Smart Energy"
  • TOV "Gas supplying company "Naftogas Trading"
  • TOV "DE Trading"


Electronic exchange trading in the direction of natural gas is held in the Software product "Electronic Exchange Trading System" (BETS) in accordance with the Rules of exchange trading at Commodity Exchange "Ukrainian Energy Exchange" and Regulations on the electronic exchange trading at Commodity Exchange "Ukrainian Energy Exchange".

Legal persons and physical persons-entrepreneurs who have such right according to the current legislation of Ukraine can participate in electronic exchange trading, acquiring the status of a non-permanent member of the Exchange.

Exchange members wishing to participate in the electronic exchange trading have to submit purchase/sale orders before 13:00 on 03.02.2020 and deposit a security deposit before 13:00 on 03.02.2020 in the amount of 3 (three) percent of the total purchase/sale amount, according to the Invoice formed in the BETS.

For position №1

To confirm reliability before commencing bidding, you need to submit the following documents to [email protected]:

  1. Document confirming registration (Extract from EDRPOU).
  2. Charter.
  3. Document on appointing a head (one of the following documents:
    • protocol (decision) of the general meeting of participants(shareholders, founder);
    • protocol (decision) of the supervisory board).
  4. Order for the entry of the Head to the post.
  5. Documents on the head:
    1. Copy of the passport;
    2. Copy of the identification code.
  6. Bank certificate on opening an account.
  7. Power of Attorney for a representative (in the case of another person who has the right to sign documents on behalf of the legal person, it is necessary to provide a Power of Attorney on such a person together with a copy of his passport).
  8. Other documents (license, permit, certificate, etc.). If available the following documents are to be submitted:
    • a license to engage in a particular type of economic activity;
    • permission to perform certain types of work.
  9. (Banking) Requisites (Certificate in a free form with indication of details:
    1. name (full and abbreviated);
    2. identification code (EDRPOU code);
    3. address of the location (legal address);
    4. address for correspondence (actual address);
    5. bank details (name, MFO, current account) (obligatory indication);
    6. surname, name and patronymic of the director, as well as the name of the document by virtue of which is acting (statute, position, power of attorney, etc.);
    7. Tax system).
  10. Balance sheet for the last half-year (statement of financial position and financial results).
  11. Certificate on the absence of debt to the budget (a certificate of absence of arrears on taxes, fees and payments that are controlled by the DFS bodies).


Requirements for scan copies:Scan copies of each document to be a single file(for example: statute of 20 pages in one file, extract of 2 pages in one file, etc.),format pdf, file size should not exceed 2mb.

Documents for passing the accreditation should be sent to [email protected] with the marking on which product you are accredited and contact details for feedback.

For positions № 2-5

To confirm the reliability, not later than one work day before the day of trading, it is necessary to provide by e-mail [email protected] filled in, signed by a duly authorized official of the exchange trading participant, sealed (if any) the Questionnaire of the Counterparty - legal entity, followed by sending it in hard copy by mail with the list of attachments to the address: 04116, Kyiv, Sholudenko St. 1.

Questionnaire of the Counterparty

In accordance with paragraph 7.15. Of the Regulation of electronic exchange trading at the CE "Ukrainian Energy Exchange" (new edition), CE UEEX informs about the application of other conditions than provided for in Section 7 of the Regulation: On the procedure for refund of guarantee collateral based on the results of exchange trading for the sale and purchase of natural gas in the direction of "Natural gas", put up for sale or purchase by LLC "Gas Supply Company "Naftogaz Trading" (Extract from the protocol of the Exchange Committee of CE UEEX № 567 dated July 10, 2019)

For positions № 6-7

In order to check the potential counterparty not later than 2 working day before the trading day, it is necessary to provide by e-mail [email protected] filled in, signed by a duly authorized official of the participant of the exchange trades, with the seal (if applicable), the Questionnaire of the Counterparty of the legal entity with subsequent sending it in hard copy by mail with the list of attachments to the address: Kyiv, st. Predslavinska, 34-A.

Contact person from TOV "DE Trading"
Mikhail Rosul
[email protected]

The trading session runs from 14 o’clock 00 minutes till 16 o’clock 00 minutes on 03.02.2020. If as at 16 o’clock 00 minutes on any of the positions trading is still ongoing, the trading session continues until the end of the trading on the last of the lots/batch of joint lots, which are still trading.

Price step - 12 UAH.

More info: +38 (044) 35-35-735, or send an application letter in free form by e-mail: [email protected].