Exchange auctions in the electronic trading system take place in the Software Product "Electronic Exchange Trading System" (hereinafter referred to as the BETS) in accordance with the Regulations for the organization and holding of exchange auctions in the electronic trading system for the sale of crude oil, gas condensate of own production and liquefied gas on the domestic market at the Commodity Exchange "Ukrainian Energy Exchange".

Detailed information on participation in exchange auctions for the sale of liquefied gas on the domestic market.

Buyers wishing to participate in the additional exchange auction for the sale of liquefied gas on the domestic market № 205СГ-УЕБ (hereinafter referred to as the auction) have to submit applications for participation in the auction before 18 o’clock 00 minutes on 27.04.2020 and pay a guarantee fee in the amount of 5 (five) percent of the total purchase amount, according to the Invoices formed in the BETS on one of the Exchange’s accounts:
1) № UA883006140000026006500211904 in PJSC "Credit Agricole Bank", bank code 300614;
2) № UA503004650000026005300394670 in JSC "Oschadbank", bank code 300465.

Attention! Registration of participants admitted to the auction in the BETS starts on the day of the auction on 28.04.2020 at 10 o’clock 00 minutes and ends at 10 o’clock 50 minutes. Unregistered participants are not allowed to participate in the auction. In the event that a Buyer has applied for participation in the auction but has not registered in the BETS in the period of "Registration of participants", the amount of the guarantee fee to a Buyer is not returned, but is transferred to a Seller in full.

Trading session runs in the BETS on 28.04.2020 from 11 o’clock 00 minutes till 13 o’clock 00 minutes. If, as of 13 o’clock 00 minutes on any of the positions trading is still ongoing, the trading session continues until the end of trading on the last of the lot which is still trading.

Attention! To concentrate demand and supply, as well as save time for the auction, positions are put up for trading simultaneously, and lots within the position are traded consecutively one after another. Each next lot in the position is put up for trading at the price of completion of trades on the previous lot in the position, provided that the previous lot was not put up for trading by the Seller’s acceptance of the counter offer, or the Seller did not correct price conditions of the position by himself.

Attention! Waiting time for best offer is 30 seconds.

Step of the auction is 10 (ten) Hryvnia.

Auction winners pay to the Exchange a commission fee in the amount of 0.049 (zero point forty-nine thousandths) percent of the cost of the purchased products within 3 (three) days in accordance with the invoice formed in the BETS.

Applications for the accreditation of journalists and mass-media for auctions held in the BETS are accepted by CE "Ukrainian Energy Exchange" on e-mail:

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